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Hyundai Village of Danvers Has Reached All-Star Status!

Proud to be Recognized
For Our Outstanding Customer Service in 2018

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to all of our clients for making Hyundai Village of Danvers your service destination.

Only the best Hyundai team members displaying first-class customer service receive the All-Star Award. While service excellence is a team effort that we are passionate about, it is rewarding to see many individuals at Hyundai Village of Danvers earn this prestigious award. We strive to give each of our customers the very best experience possible while having their vehicle serviced, and are deeply committed to continue making your dealership experience nothing but exceptional.

9 Team Members at Hyundai Village of Danvers have been recognized as All-Stars, driving excellent customer service.

  • - James Crowley (Service Manager)
  • - Michael Myette (Service Consultant)
  • - Kenneth N. Borofsky (Service Consultant)
  • - Brendan Kennedy (Technician)
  • - Frank Sheffield (Technician)
  • - David Amaral (Technician)
  • - Christopher R. Lilja (Technician)
  • - Justin P. Symonds (Technician)
  • - San Kim So (Technician)

Congratulations to Michael Myette

For Receiving the Star Award & Having The Most 5 Star Customer Reviews In The District. Only the very top performers in the nation, region, and district receive the Crystal Trophy.

What Is a Hyundai
All-Star Award?

This notable achievement is given to our most dedicated team members for achieving significant amounts of 5-star reviews and maintaining an average Hyundai Customer Reviews (HCR) Powered by SureCritic rating of 4.5 throughout 2018. They have shown a strong commitment to driving brand loyalty and delivering top-tier customer service. Their actions have helped strengthen Hyundai's reputation for positive customer experiences.